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Friends Génération 2

To contact us, to congratulate us, to inform us of any problem, to suggest us any evolution, one address only :

Friends Génération 2, this is 25 persons who worked 6 months to produce nearly 5000 pictures, some thousands of data files and a technically revolutionary website.
To know who did what, click on "WHO ?" below.

The project team

Here is the list of the persons involved in the project, in alphabetical order :

Amandine, Anne-Valérie, Anne-Claire, Cécile, Damien, David, Dimitri, Feisal, Franck, Guillaume, Laura, Ludivine, Manue, Marie-Laure, Marion, Nina, Pauline, Romuald, Thomas Z., Thomas and Valérie.

To see in detail what each person did click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the TV screen.

Project manager

Mysql and php database


Graphic Chart

Proofreading & pictures cheking
Manue, Amandine, Damien

Flash Animation

Pictures capture

Dimitri57 episodes
Marie-Laure  54 episodes
Manue26 episodes
David13 episodes
Thomas12 episodes
Romuald8 episodes

Texts and biographies

Marion34 episodes
Laura30 episodes
Dimitri27 episodes
Anne-Valérie  23 episodes
Anne-Claire13 episodes
Amandine12 episodes
Pauline12 episodes
Valérie7 episodes
Cécile5 episodes
Ludivine3 episodes
Nina2 episodes
Guillaume1 episode
Thomas Z.1 episode

© Friends Generation 2 - 4 avril 2002 - Contact us :

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